"let's get lost"e*s

music/photos/makeup/animals/lots of love to you ppl :)


That was quick lol

Heyyyy followers. Kik?

Just made and used kik for the first time tonight for anyone who cares it is kylajanae91 this is fun


Words I started using ironically:

  • bro / bruh
  • bae
  • waifu
  • rad
  • totes
  • amirite
  • mang

Words I’m now using non-ironically:

  • [ see above list ]

(via moriartayyyyyy)



WATCH MY MUSIC VID EH. SRY FOLLOWERS. reblogging this one more time after today :p then on to new shit haha. :p 

My Last reblog for awhile on this want to thank ANYONE who took the time to watch but most of all listen. I am VERY HAPPY withe the amount of views for not even being posted a week.this sept I will be playing the guitar for only two yrs still have a LONG way to go. But I am proud of what I.ve created with short time. Thank u again

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